Thursday, October 30, 2014

Project Infamy

I've came up with an idea to get from the field to the recovery room while infamous the whole time.  So this plan required teles, maybe a few teles, so I've been waiting for teles to glow.  But until then I've done all the research I need to do without using teles.  So first I tested if I can go from the nooby fields to Inala's room while infamous.  Which I could.  And I haven't tested going from Inala's room to recovery while infamous but not wanted.  I am pretty sure you can though.  Anyways so when you get infamous and leave town you go to the black bat cave.  Then you walk into that room that the vampire bat spawns in.  At that point, you spam teles until you get into the noob bat cave.  Then you walk back to Inala's room, wait until not wanted and walk into the recovery room.  I have yet to test this out but it seems like it would work.

1 comment:

  1. Just give all your loots to a alt temporarily and go through the naked only bat cave, costs no consumes