Saturday, November 8, 2014

Had a fun skal experience

Decimus, Demigod, Ripeljak, Vulcan , and me were camping Skaldor.  It seemed like it should be easy enough, but after a few Skals we had a little bump.  It started pretty good, then when Ripeljak got low a skele dog spawned and he died, spawning another skele.  Shortly after that Skaldor feared for like the second time and mostly everyone was out of beer.  Followed by another dog spawning.  I ran from skal, and was forced to levi, while Vulcan and teled out.  Soon after Deci and Demi are leving with me and of course embers go dark.  Well at this point we knew we had to tele.  Demi teled first, not going invis and also died.  Then Deci goes invis and teles and short after I go invis and tele.  Well I got an unluck tele and only teled a few pixels to the left.  I ran into the bottom left corner and used my last tele.  And, again, I teled still inside Skaldor's room.  But this time I was lucky enough to tele near the top of the room and I quickly ran down to the bottom right.  No skeles saw me and I waited for Demi to come back with some more people.
Luckily the chest was good though.

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