Saturday, May 2, 2015

Some explorations with poisons

I've been thinking about poisons lately and wondered how much damage they do total.  They are fairly cheap and take no skills to use.  It's also pretty hard to miss.  I thought that made them pretty good for fighting not only players but also mobs.  I poisoned my alt a few times and this was the total damage it did.  The first two were with 0 defense on the victim, and the last had 53 defense. 

1st Trial(0 defense)- 5,2,7,2,3=19 Not that much damage.

2nd Trial(0 defense)- 3,2,4,8,3,5,7=32  Much more damage, embers can only do 35 max so pretty good.

3rd Trial(53 Defense)- 7,7,5,3,6,8,5,3=44! Not if defense effects the damage(doubt it) or if the more times you poison in a certain amount of time the more damage it does, but I am pretty sure poisons just have a wide damage range.  I only tested this out with 3 poisons, so don't expect to get these results commonly.

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