Saturday, November 15, 2014

Glitched Body Blocking Rouge Den

So the story I heard was that after Skorri and Vercudin killed someone, their body stayed in the doorway, blocking the path.  I don't see how Skorri and Vercudin can kill someone this good so he must have been afk.  But if he was afk his leg wouldn't be higher then the other because the only way to do that is to be moving.

You can hit the body and he can damage you off recoil but you can't do damage to him.  Vivi had the idea to die off recoil, then using the new update, see who it said killed him.  Which was smart but since he was the one unfriendly it didn't tell him.  I hit him until I was about half life from recoil.  I tried embering, poisoning and drinking a charge.  Nothing.  I tried to polly so I can either push him as a mino or get in between a gap as a bee or bunny.  I pollied to a White Wolf and couldn't get in.  Ryn also pollied into a White Wolf and got in. 
I was able to get in on Brain by making a short ladder and jumping through the top left gap.  It was very empty but it was all normal inside.

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