Thursday, October 30, 2014

Project Infamy

I've came up with an idea to get from the field to the recovery room while infamous the whole time.  So this plan required teles, maybe a few teles, so I've been waiting for teles to glow.  But until then I've done all the research I need to do without using teles.  So first I tested if I can go from the nooby fields to Inala's room while infamous.  Which I could.  And I haven't tested going from Inala's room to recovery while infamous but not wanted.  I am pretty sure you can though.  Anyways so when you get infamous and leave town you go to the black bat cave.  Then you walk into that room that the vampire bat spawns in.  At that point, you spam teles until you get into the noob bat cave.  Then you walk back to Inala's room, wait until not wanted and walk into the recovery room.  I have yet to test this out but it seems like it would work.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

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Mino "Tree Trick"

Making the "tree" out of knives was kinda hard because I wasn't able to stack them that high.  I got some axes and made a ladder allowing me to stack them higher but still with only one large strap I couldn't get enough knives for it to be taller then the mino.

It worked out okay.  It would only block his headbutt and some angles and him being the same speed as you made it hard to get him behind the knives.  Even if you get him stuck behind the knives but not at the right angle you can usually be at a far enough distance to where his axes are the only thing that can reach you.  I wouldn't really recommend this because it is hard to set up, hard to use, and isn't too effective.  Plus if he hits it with a charge it breaks.


Someone made and alt names Slperybob and gave it all his gear.  So Slp took advantage of the orange named alt and quickly killed him.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Farsights zoom out a lot more then I expected.  It also made my hp bar look weird.
You actually get a good view of things.  But when I was moving around it was pretty laggy.  I wouldn't recommend in pvp unless you have a computer with very little lag.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The price to engrave femurs are surprisingly cheap.

A leather boot costs the same amount to engrave.

So close to spiked glove!

Thanks to Deereater and Demigod I am only 2 pelts away from making a spiked glove.  If anyone could sell me or lend me pelts that would be great.  I have about 50k right now and some items too.

Monday, October 6, 2014

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I've never seen Unknown before, but when I was a mid-level he was also on my vault trust list, and I couldn't untrust him.  Now he was on my allies list and I can't unally.  He left my list after a bit, but it is still mysterious.

This was the richest that I ever was

When I was a Blue Bee I was able to hold pets, that was the only thing I could hold

The hidden black bat cave room you can only tele into

There was only one thing in there, and that was a vampire bat even though it wasn't new moon.  No gold was in the room. Nothing at all.
We were able to find out where the hidden room was using detect metals.  This method was inspired by Squidbit.  The room is near the entrance.  If you walked in the bad cave and went straight, and were able to go through walls, you would go through the hidden room or come very near to it.
With the evidence we have we were able to infer that this is where the hidden room is.

About the blog

Hey it's Swordsman and Demigod and we made this blog to share results of experiments and stats of mobs and things like that.  We will try to update at least once a week but we might not get around to it.